SOLES Hinged Knee ROM Orthosis (SLS311S)

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Product Description

Soles Knee ROM Orthosis (SLS311S) Made from durable and comfortable medical grade materials The Soles Knee ROM Orthosis is designed to provide maximum support and stability to the knees. The Soles Knee ROM Orthosis limits the range of motion of your knees, allowing to recover from anterior, posterior, and medial cruciate ligament injuries, as well as from other knee related disabilities including total knee replacement and any other injury where shear stresses on the knee ligaments should be minimized, or the range of motion of the knee should be limited. Knee injuries can be serious and hard to recover from, The Soles Knee ROM Orthosis is made from high quality steel and comfortable padding to provide maximum safety to the knees with stability, consistency and reliability. Product Details: High Quality Adjustable Steel Brace Soft, Padded Breathable Leg Wraps Lightweight and Comfortable Highly Adjustable Universal (Left or Right Leg) Unisex (Men and Women) Used With or Without Clothing Washing and Cleaning Instructions: The leg wraps can be hand-washed in warm water with soap. Store your brace in a cool, dry place.

Manufacturer Contact Information

Tuna Dis Tic. Ve Paz. Ltd. Sti. Incirli Cad. Akifbey Apt. No:24 Bakirkoy Istanbul

MEDICAL GRADE KNEE SUPPORT: The Soles Knee ROM Orthosis is designed to limit the range of motion, ROM, of the knees, keeping the knees safe and allowing smooth recovery. The metal support and the hinged dial is made of high quality steel for maximum safety and support. The dials and the leg wraps are made of Velcro attachable soft padded fabric, the dials are also padded in order to keep the knee comfortable.
RECOVERY: The Soles Knee ROM Orthosis is used to brace the knee and limit its range of motion. It is designed to be used specifically after injuries or surgical operations related to the anterior, medial and posterior cruciate ligaments (mcl, acl, pcl), patellar fractures, after total knee replacement or knee implant surgeries. The Soles Knee ROM Orthosis is also used for any exterior or interior knee ligament injuries or post surgical operations, and prevent any forms of shear stress on knee
ADJUSTABLE SIZE: The Soles Knee ROM Orthosis is highly adjustable. The steel brace is 46 cm long .The Velcro leg wraps are fully adjustable to a maximum thigh circumference of 65 cm, and a maximum calf circumference of 55 cm. Can be used by adult men and women.
ADJUSTABLE RANGE of MOTION: The range of motion settings of The Soles Knee ROM Orthosis are set by using the flexion and extension dials present on both sides of the knee. The flexion can be adjusted from 0 to 120 degrees in angles of 15 degrees, and the extension can be adjusted between 0 to 90 degrees in 15 degree increments.
LONG TERM USE: The Soles Knee ROM Orthosis is suitable for long term use and can be worn throughout day and night and while sleeping, keeping the knee safe and helps speed up recovery periods. The leg wraps are breathable and comfortable. Can be used with or without clothing.