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Posture correctors

Posture correctors are used to relieve pain and aid skeletal alignment. It is important to understand that persistent use of these aids has been shown to decondition your muscles. These aids must be used as part of a rehabilitation program, likely involving strengthening. It is often very difficult to get a correct fit with these devices,  there may be initial discomfort, but please consider returning your item if you feel it is providing problems and discomfort. Your tolerance to the device will grow , so wear it 2 hours more each day.

There are many conditions which benefit from a posture corrector:

  1. Osteoporosis
  2. Scoliosis and kyphosis
  3. Postural dysfunction
  4. Heavy chest
  5. Spinal nerve irritation
  6. Arthritis
  7. Thoracic outlet syndrome
  8. and many more

Soft collars

Chest and shoulder


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