VINTEAM Wrist Strengthener, 6 pcs Hand Grips Strengthener with 5-60KG Adjustable Resistance Forearm Strengthener, Finger Strengthener Stress Ball for Hand Exercise

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Hand Grips Strengthener

6PCS A SET KIT OF HAND GRIP STRENGTHENER. This set of hand grip strengthener includes 2 hand grip, 1 finger stretcher, 1 finger exerciser, 1 grip ring and 1 grip ball, providing you diverse hand exercises.
5-60KG ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE. Grip strengthener resistance can be easily adjusted from 5 to 60kg, perfect for various people, especially women, kids or the elder.
MECHANICAL COUNTING. It can be auto-counted by pressing the button of hand grip buttom. And the counting range is from 0-99, which can be reset manually.
HELPING STRENGTHEN STRENGTH AND FINGER FLEXIBILITY. Finger stretcher, grip ring and grip ball improve grip strength, finger flexibility, forearm and wrist power. A good hand grip for those love sports, or those want to relax their fingers like musicians, white-collar, etc.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN.The shape of hand grip is inspired by the ergonomics, which is comfortable to stretch for long periods of exercise without uncomfortable. The compact size allows you to exercise anytime, anywhere.