PRO 11 WELLBEING Ergonomic kneeling Chair With Height Adjustment 2 Colours (Grey)

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II、Product Description 1、Imagine maximizing your productivity and comfort with an ergonomic kneeling chair that aligns your entire body to its natural position. 2、Say goodbye to lower back pains from sitting in traditional chairs, and experience the best posture you could only dream of previously. 3、Feel the difference when you sit in this carefully crafted chair that distributes your weight to your shins and buttocks, while positioning your spine and legs at the ideal angle (110 – 125 degrees). III、Tips & Recommendations 1、Assembly time is approximately 20-30 minutes. 2、Maximum weight is 250 lbs and maximum height is 6’3″ 3、We recommend you stand up and stretch every 45 minutes IV、Specifications ⚫ Product Weight: 14.8 lbs ⚫ Package Weight: 16.3 lbs ⚫ Package Dimensions: 67 x 40 x 13 cm ⚫ Frame Material: Solid Beech Wood ⚫ Cushion Material: elastic polyester & cotton fabric ⚫ Cushion Thickness: 2.76 inches / 7cm

Pain Relief: Kneeling chairs create a 110°trunk/thigh angle as compared to the traditional 90°trunk/thigh angle position with a traditional chair. This can greatly reduce the pressure in the disc of your spine when you sit.
Core Muscle Improvement: With continued use of your kneeling chair, your core and back muscles gradually strengthen. This is because you are engaging your back and abdominal muscles in the absence of a back rest to support you.
Posture Improvement: With kneeling chairs, the pelvis is tilted forward and the spine adopts the correct alignment. Opening the pelvis doesn’t just help correct spinal alignment and posture, there are other benefits such as improved breathing and digestion as well. Digestion is also improved because the internal organs of the abdomen have to contend with less compression
Your hips slide forward when seated in a kneeling chair, which is beneficial, because in doing so, your weight is more evenly distributed and your back, neck and shoulders are aligned. This eliminates stress on the lower back and reduces spinal compression.