NRS Healthcare M66832 Wheeled and Tilting Over Bed or Chair Table – Height and Width Adjustable

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Product Description

This NRS Healthcare M66832 Wheeled & Tilting Over Bed or Chair Table is a modern and versatile table for use over a chair or bed, and is height and width adjustable. It is suitable for a variety of uses, such as dining, reading, writing or activities. It is ideal for users who would struggle to sit at a traditional table or desk for any length of time.
It has a central, laminated table top that can be tilted from flat to 55 degrees using a simple, one handed lever mechanism. When used flat it would be ideal for dining, writing or doing activities such as jigsaws or playing board games. When tilted the table is ideal for reading books or magazines, and there is a support bar to hold items in place.
It comes with removable side tables on each side of the tilting section to provide plenty of space for extra items. These side tables do not tilt meaning that they are ideal for keeping items such as drinks, etc, close at hand when using the tilting section for reading.
The table is fitted with four locking castors enabling the user to easily roll the table to the place required and then lock it into place for additional stability. It is easily self assembled without the need for tools.
The table top has a pale wood grain effect and the legs are coloured grey. This neutral colour scheme is ideal for coordinating with other pale wood furniture items you already have in your home.
The maximum load weight of the table is 15kg or 2.36 stone therefore it is cannot take the weight of a person and users must not lean on it or use it for support when sitting down or getting up. NRS Healthcare offers a wide range of items, such as the ‘Stand Easy’, suitable for this purpose, if required.
Table top height range: 700-900 millimetres (27.5-35.5 inches)
Internal frame width: 900-1100 millimetres (35.5-43.25 inches)
Centre table width: 650 millimetres (25.5 inches)
Depth: 400 millimetres (15.75 inches)
Side table width: 180 millimetres (7 inches)
Depth: 400 millimetres (15.75 inches)
Maximum load weight (flat): 15kg (2.36st). Please note that the design of the hand wheel adjusters on these tables may vary from that shown.

NRS Healthcare M66832 Wheeled & Tilting Over Bed or Chair Table – Height & Width Adjustable
Tilting central table operated by simple mechanism with support bar to hold items in place
2 smaller, removable side tables
Also ideal for laptop or tablet use
Fitted with 4 locking castors for additional stability
Easy self assembly without tools