NRS Healthcare Novelle Portable Clip-On Raised Toilet Seat, Height Raiser, Maximum User Weight 190kg(30st), Not For All Toilets, Please Check Dimensions

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Product Description

This NRS Healthcare F25145 Novelle Portable Clip-On Raised Toilet Seat raises the height of the toilet to help you get on and off more easily.This clip-on seat will provide a 3 inch (75 mm) raise to an existing seat, providing an overall raise of 4 inch (100 mm). Easy to fit having no brackets, the Novelle can be fitted securely to the seat rather than the bowl, making it convenient and ideal for travel purposes. Simply squeeze together the open ‘horseshoe’ section, locate the front clip underneath the existing seat, push down and release the open section. To remove, simply reverse the process releasing the rear clip first.

Height: 75 mm (3 inch), maximum user weight limit: 190 kg (30st).

Featuring cut out sections at the front and back for personal cleaning and coccyx pressure relief, it’s made from white plastic with smooth and rounded edges for complete comfort.


How to fit the Novelle: 1. Ensure the existing toilet seat assembly is fitted securely
2. Lift the toilet seat lid
3. Squeeze the rear open “horseshoe”sections together
4. Fit the front of the Novelle seat into the toilet seat
5. Push rear sections on to the seat releasing pressure on the sides, once in position
6. Check the clips have engaged correctly by lifting. If correctly fitted, the existing seat will lift with the Novelle.

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NRS Healthcare F25145 Novelle Portable Clip-On Raised Toilet Seat
Raises existing toilet seat by specification height 75 mm (3 inches) to make sitting down and rising back up easier.Aperture: 275 x 240mm(11 x 9½”)
Smooth design is comfortable to sit on, easy to fit with no brackets and simply clips to existing seat
Convenient, portable and ideal for travel and holidays
Easy to fit and remove when not required