Atemi Sports Shoulder Pulley for Physiotherapy | Over Door Exercise Pulley for Injury Rehab, Recovery, Stretching | Rotator Cuff Exerciser for Arm Rehabilitation, Frozen Shoulder, Tendonitis

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Use Atemi Sports Shoulder Pulley for physical therapy to increase your strength and range of motion following surgery or injury. Mounted on a door, the shoulder rehab pulley system features a cord with handles that are pulled to stretch the shoulders and are designed to help alleviate the pain of conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, and frozen shoulder syndrome. They can also be used to gently strengthen weak shoulder, arm and chest muscles, and as an injury prevention tool. The arm pulley system can be anchored at any point along a door jamb to allow for a wide range of different exercises from multiple angles. The adjustable rope length gives it great versatility in terms of the number of exercises that can be performed, while the robust design makes it a highly durable and effective piece of shoulder physiotherapy equipment which will last a lifetime. Resistance bands also make a great physical therapy tool after injury or surgery. Check out Atemi Sports range of resistance bands and find the one which is best for you.

Atemi Sports shoulder pulley for physical therapy is ideal for shoulder rehab after injury or surgery and gradually increases range of motion
Can be fitted over the door and used as a rotator cuff exercise device and to perform a large variety of therapeutic shoulder exercises
The arm pulley system enables gentle exercise of weak shoulders, combating age-related stiffness, frozen shoulder or MSD
Your order includes two free PDF exercise guides – a detailed guide to using the shoulder pulley for physical therapy, plus a bonus e-book on shoulder rehab, containing many supplementary exercises. Please email us if you don’t receive the download link
Our shoulder pulley over the door physical therapy system is made from highly durable plastic and nylon and comes with a 2-year guarantee

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