Cuttable Toe Tubes Made of Elastic Fabric Lined with Silicone Gel. Toe Sleeve Protectors Relief Toe Pressure Pain,Corn and Calluses Remover

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Colour:Big Toe Tubes

Do you suffer from Toe or Foot Pain ?
Are you looking for foot pain relief and trying to prevent the Bunion Surgery ?
These toe tubes are good choice to reduce corn and bunion, relax your feet even while working or sleeping.

Features and function:
1、It can be used for both feet toe and hand fingers.
2、Realign toes to their natural position.
3、Stretchable gel toe tube for cushioning corns and calluses, reduces pain caused by calluses, soft corns and hammertoes.
4、Ideal for preventing rubbing & pressure between toes, relieving pain from injured toes.
5、Instantly reduce the daily discomfort of bunion and hammer toe pain, design provides the ideal protection between the hallux toe and your shoe.
6、It can be cut or trimmed easily to the size required with scissors and fits your toes or fingers.

How to use:
1、Cut to suitable size using scissors, until it can fit your toes size.
2、Gels tend to slip and bunch of worn without socks. For the best results, wear with snug fitting socks and shoes.
3、We recommend applying some baby powder on the product so that it is easier to wear.

Daily care:
1、Turn inside out, use soap or shampoo that will not irritate your skin with warm water to gently hand wash.
2、Make it dry naturally in the shade, avoid direct sun.
3、No bleach, no dry clean.
4、Applying some baby powder after drying for protecting the product.

1、Pay attention: do not use on broken skin.
2、Skin sensitive person, please do not use more than 20 minutes.

[What You Get]: 2 pcs toe tubes sleeves, adapt to your Big toes. One size: 7.9 inch length, 0.9 inch inside diameter
[Suits to]:Helps reduce discomfort caused by corns, blisters, and ingrown nails, nail problems, hammer toes, over- or under-lapping digits, keratotic lesions, or partially amputated digits
[Cuttable]:Fits toes or fingers and can be cut or trimmed easily to the size required with scissors
[Reusable]:Hand wash gently with clean water, dry naturaly. If they become sticky after time reapply talcum powder to restore to original condition
[Material]: A soft, comfortable and stretchable toe sleeves,made of silicone gel and cotton for all-around protection, soften and moisturize the skin