Vicloon Hand Grip Strengthener, 2pcs Grip Strength Trainer, Blue Silicone Hand Squeeze Exerciser, Grip Strengthener Exerciser for Muscle Training Sports, Stress Relief and Injury Recovery

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The decompression exercise handball is of moderate size, easy to carry and hold, can be squeezed at any time to relieve pressure, helps to relax tense nerves in the hands and distract attention.
The Hand Exerciser Grip Strengthener can help improve your overall grip strength, relieve finger spasms, numbness, improve circulation, recover from injury or increase finger strength.
The grip is ideal for office workers and athletes who use hand strength for a long time, elderly people who suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, finger, thumb, wrist, carpal tunnel, forearm and elbow diseases, post-exercise rehabilitation personnel.

Material: Silicone
Size: 10*9.5cm

The package includes:🍀🍀
Hand Grip Strengthener*2

Due to manual measurement, there may be some size errors;
Due to the shooting environment, there may be some color difference;

【High Quality Material】The hand squeeze exercise is made of high quality soft silicone material, soft and comfortable, strong tensile strength, flexible and easy to clean, not easy to tear even after long time or intensive use. Moderate size, non-slip handle, concave-convex massage design.
【Comfortable Hand Feeling】The grip trainer conforms to the finger grip ball shape of the human palm, suitable for all hand sizes, suitable for men, women, seniors and teenagers. The size is 10*9.5cm, you can easily carry it and use it anywhere.
【Effective Grip Strengthener】The grip strengthener provides effective strength for your wrist, fingers; it is simple and efficient, helps to strengthen grip, relieve stress and build endurance. Perfect for anyone who wants to exercise and maintain strong, healthy hands.
【Rehabilitation and Prevention】The finger strengthener can help recover hand injuries, relieve hand stiffness, strengthen finger strength and improve finger flexibility. Great for preventing early signs of hand fatigue, arthritis, strain and carpal tunnel.
【Widely Used】Grip strengthener exerciser is not only the best choice for rock climbers, tennis players, athletes and musicians to enhance finger and wrist flexibility, but also very suitable for helping injured people with rehabilitation training, diverting attention to change some bad habits and relieving stress.