NRS Healthcare Tetrapod Walking Stick with small 4 Leg Base

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Product Description

This NRS Healthcare Tetrapod Walking Stick L29324 – with Small 4 Leg Base has multiple legs and feet, which offers the user more stability when walking than a traditional standard walking stick with only one foot. Tetrapods offer increased levels of support and security when walking outdoors or indoors, but please note that they should not be used on stairs.

This Tetrapod version has a Small 4 Leg Base which means that the stick section is positioned in line with 2 of the legs, which makes the stick easier to use when walking as the user can simply step through without catching their foot in the stick. Just hold the stick with the ‘flat’ part next to your side when using. The handle tapers towards the front to give a good grip and prevent slipping, and the legs are fitted with high quality ferrule feet which gives extra stability.

The Tetrapod is height adjustable between 72 – 97.5cm (28.25 – 38.25”) to suit the users requirements. Made of lightweight, but strong & durable, aluminium weighing only 1kg (2.25lb).

Height Adjustable between: 720 – 975mm (28.25 – 38.25”)
Footprint: 265 x 70 x 170mm (10.25 x 3 x 6.5”)
Product Weight: 1 kg (2.25lb)
Maximum user weight: 127 kg (20 stone)

How to measure the handle height you need for a walking stick:
Wear your normal shoes and stand facing forward with feet shoulder width apart.
With your arms held naturally at your sides, get a friend to measure from the floor to your wristbone. This measurement is the one you need for the handle height of your walking stick.

How to use:
If you use a walking stick because of weakness or injury to one of your legs, you should hold the walking stick in your opposite hand. So if your right leg is injured, you should use a walking stick on your left side.
If you are unsteady on your feet and using the stick for balance, you can hold the walking stick on either side – whichever feels more comfortable and natural to you.


Please make sure that you read and follow these instructions carefully. Failure to do so can result in injury.

For walking support inside and outdoors
Four legged base for stability
Easy grip, non-slip handles
Height adjustable