Stretching for Beginners: Improve Flexibility and Relieve Aches and Pains with 100 Exercises and 25 Simple Routines

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“Just reading through the various stretches made me want to hop on the mat and start the exercises right away. I know that they will help me, and I can’t wait to get started! The descriptions and illustrations made each stretch so easily understandable, and Natasha definitely showed several stretches that were new to me.”–Nora Sommerkamp, actress, model – SAG-AFTRA

Clear, fun, well written, and well illustrated! I really love it! This book is well designed! The intro is great, and Natasha’s clarity and importance on breathing with each exercise is wonderful!”–Roya Carreras, performer, teacher, and choreographer

“This book is one that I would urgently share with the world. Our bodies are our temples, and Natasha has created a piece of work that invites further understanding of how to honor our bodies and liberate ourselves from the ‘stuck’ feeling many of us physically live in.”–Michael Montgomery, Principal Ballet dancer, singer, choreographer. LINES Ballet

Stretching for Beginners is not only an essential guide for those that are new to stretching but a great reminder of the importance of stretching. Our body guides us through our day and it is important to recover from the daily demands that are put on it. This book teaches us that the simplest stretches can make the biggest impact on our well-being.”–Rachel McCaulsky, M.S.Ed, founder of True Body

About the Author

NATASHA DIAMOND-WALKER is an internationally recognized dancer, actress, and soloist with the Martha Graham Dance Company. Natasha has worked extensively in TV, film, theater, and live performance venues.

PHILIP STRIANO, DC is a specialist in sports injury, exercise, and strength and conditionings, a certified chiropractic sports physician, and the owner of Hudson Rivertowns Chiropractic.

Put some spring in your step–simple stretches to soothe your sorenessMovement is life–and stretching is an easy way for you to increase your flexibility, ease aches, and generally improve your quality of life. This easy-to-follow guide shows you how stretching long and slow can help you find fast pain relief and enhance your range of motion.Take a deep dive into how muscles work and the health benefits of stretching, including plenty of how-tos for beginning stretchers. Get moving with 70 fundamental stretches, all designed to target specific affected areas–or introduce stretching to your day-to-day using 25 routines that can be done anytime and anywhere.Stretching for Beginners includes: Beginner to limber–Jumpstart your stretching with guides to performing each stretch safely, proper breathing techniques, and more.Focus your flex–Extend your reach with illustrated step-by-steps for essential exercises–organized by anatomical regions.Home stretch–Find the right routine to relieve specific aches and pains, reduce daily stress, or warm up for a variety of activities.Stretch your possibilities, achieve a healthier, more flexible life with Stretching for Beginners.


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