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✔This hand exercise ball is designed to help you improve hand strength, finger strength and more. It is an excellent addition to your home and office.

✔The anti stress balls are washable and can be cleaned with water as usual after use.

✔Our hand training balls are extremely durable and robust , perform your exercises. You can use it anytime, anywhere.

✔Ball hand training device is an ideal training set to improve the overall grip strength, improve the flexibility of the fingers.

✔Arthritis Relief, Stress Relief, Reduction of Injuries from Repetitive Exposure to Texting and Typing, Improving Your Musical Instrument Skills, etc.

As with all exercise and therapy equipment, individual results may vary. But any kind of resistance training for injuries will help build muscle tone and strength again.

👊 【Different hardness hand trainer ball】 Finger trainer hand trainer has 2 different degrees of hardness and design. The blue ball is for soft resistance (10 pounds), the yellow ball is for medium resistance (25 pounds). If you want to improve your finger mobility or restore the function of your fingers and forearms due to an illness, you can use our hand trainer.
👊 【Washable hand training ball】 The hand trainer balls are washable and can be cleaned with water as usual after use. With round, this anti-stress hand ball adapts perfectly to your hand. The surface of the finger trainer is slightly roughened and prevents it from slipping away.
👊 【Durable and robust — anti stress balls】 The ball hand training devices are made of high quality elastic PU & silicone and keep their shape even with frequent use. Our hand exercise balls are uniquely designed for long-term and frequent use. Safe, environmentally friendly and still durable.
👊 【Rehabilitation and Prevention】 When you are fit or using the computer, the muscles of your hands are accidentally tensed or sprained. Then this workout kit is what you need to get your hands and fingers rested. And this workout kit is perfect for improving finger and hand strength for athletes such as rock climbers, fitness, tennis, baseball, boxing, tennis, golf, and shooting, and musicians such as guitarists, bassists, pianists, violinists, etc.
👊 【Ergonomic Design For All Hands】 The strength trainer is ergonomically shaped and fits well for all hand sizes and all age groups, ideal for men, women, seniors and adolescents. Mini size, light and small, these balls are handy for you and you can hand exercise anytime, portable and light in any pocket. When walking, traveling (car, plane, bus), at home, in the office, at school, watching TV or any other place where you want to exercise.

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