ThermaCare Lower Back Heat Wrap (4 Count) 1 Pack

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Product Description

Real heat. Real relief. Real healing. From hot baths to heating Pads, heat therapy is widely known to help ease muscle pain, reduce soreness, and loosen tight muscles. ThermaCare heatwraps use patented technology that produces real heat to help your body rebuild damaged tissue and accelerate healing. Not only are ThermaCare heatwraps drug-free, but they’re also discreet and portable, so you can use them when you’re relaxing at home or on the go.

Includes one box of four ThermaCare HeatWraps advanced back pain therapy lower back & hip air activated HeatWraps
Specially designed to fit your back and hip area with enhanced elasticity for a better fit and more targeted relief
Delivers heat deep into tissue, warming the muscle right where it hurts – to relax, soothe and unlock tight muscles
Provides up to 16 hours of pain relief (8 hours while you wear it, 8 hours after you take it off)
Allows you to move freely while delivering a therapeutic heat while being discreet under clothing

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