THERABAND Professional Latex Resistance Tubing with Hard Handles for Exercise, Physical Therapy, Lower Pilates, At-Home…

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Easy and versatile to use, tubings are an integral part in the training program of so many elite level players.

Their elastic properties and efficiency make it truly unique.

The colour-coded system increases the training motivation.

Recommended resistance levels:
Beige: untrained seniors.
Yellow: seniors, children.
Red: untrained women, teenagers.
Green: Women, trained youths, untrained men.
Blue: Well trained women, men.
Black: Well trained men, very well trained women.
Silver: Very well trained men.
Gold: Professional Athletes / muscle development.

Aged group: Adults.

Features: Tubing can be cut individually depending on the application.

Features: Available in yellow, red, green, blue, black and silver.

Length: 140 cm.

Brand: Thera Band.

Sport type: fitness.

Provides versatile resistance training with near linear strength training by stretching.
Increase power, mobility and flexibility.
Available in six different resistances.
Suitable for use in therapy, at home, for fitness and sports.
Natural product, pure latex.

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