Superfeet wideGREEN Insoles, High Arch Support, Wide Orthotic Inserts for Wide Feet Extra Wide Shoes, Unisex, Green

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Superfeet premium insoles: wide green.

Specially designed to support wide feet, Superfeet Wide Green provide heavy shock absorption foot and support for feet and shoes size 3E, 6E.

The WideGREEN offers the same fit, kick foot and performance as the classic greeting, but better games the foot of a big foot in a way that sOßar upsizing would not know our classic green. Ideal for shoes with a removable inner sole and is the recommended choice for maximum support and shock absorption.

– Deep heel cup.

Feels better the widest and deepest heel cup, which provides maximum support and can help with natural shock absorber foot.

– Biosechanical foot

The covered foot provides most support for wide feet, which can be lowered strain on the feet, ankles and knees.

– Wide foot

Corresponds to the foot of a wide foot and shoe size 3E, 6E.

– Anti-bacterial coating.

All natural coating inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria.

– StabilisatOß

– Cap.

Serves as a base for the inlay that supports the footfoot and provides structure and stability of the foam layer.

– High.

– Density foam.

Closed-cell foam shock supports and pushes the foot for long lasting feet. Super feet wide fits PrOßil:

Fits best in all types of medium.

– The wide fit shoes with removable inner sole, range from running shoes and trainers to casual shoes for work or hiking shoes.

Large volume takes up most space in the shoes.

Inner sole size 3E, 6E with the foot, which offers the widest and deepest heel cup with maximum support.

(PrOßil describes the boss to increase the feeling of the inner foot and heel).

FIT PROFILE: High profile/High volume insoles; Volume refers to the amount of space these comfortable Superfeet insoles will take up in your shoe, whereas, the Profile is how much shape you can expect to feel under your foot
WIDE FOREFOOT: The shape of these wide shoe inserts match a wide foot and footwear size 3E to 6E
Outer Material: synthetic
Sole: Rubber
Shoe Width: Large
STABILISER CAP: Acts as the base of the orthotic shoe insert supporting the rearfoot and providing structure and stability to the foam layer
DEEP HEEL CUP: These high arch support insoles feature the widest and deepest heel cup which offers maximum support and can help with natural shock absorption
SUPERFEET SHAPE: The contoured shape of these firm orthotic arch support insoles features the most support for wide feet, which can help reduce stress on feet, ankles and knees

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