Shoulder Exercise Pulley – Over Door Physiotherapy Rehab Rope Exerciser for Rotator Cuff Rehab – Arm Rehabilitation…

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Shoulder Exercise Pulley – Over Door Physiotherapy Rehab Rope Exerciser for Rotator Cuff Rehab – Arm Rehabilitation Exercise for Frozen Shoulder Physical Therapy, Shoulder Physio Pulley System

★Product Description:
Exercise Pulley helps user safely and easily increase range of motion. The over door exercise pulley was designed to safely and easily increase range of motion whenever you please, be it while sitting or standing. It easily fits over a standard door and arrives complete with a door bracket, pulleys, cord and handles.

One-piece molding to avoid loosening of nut bearing to ensure safety and firmness.

Ordinary models without reinforcement: steel plate reinforcement design, enhanced compression resistance, stronger.

Enlarge the round support: the round surface increases, the anti-skid coefficient increases, and the fixation is more stable.

Foam grip is more comfortable: the thick foam grip is used for more comfortable sports.

Reinforced steel plate: special reinforced steel class, more resistant to compression and more durable.

Increased installation pitch: Increased installation pitch, thick door frames can also be easily installed for training.

Size: 31*15*4cm
Weight: 2kg
Features: Single-round rolling training

Size: 31*15*4cm
Weight: 2.35kg
Features: Double pulley 360°, rotation training

Size: 31*15*4cm
Weight: 2.5kg
Features: Single-round rolling training

Size: 31*15*4cm
Weight: 3.2kg
Features: Dual-purpose version with double pulleys 360°, rotation training

【LENGTHENED THICKENED ANTI-SKID PADS】thickened cushions are more difficult to wear on the facade, and increased anti-skid coefficient
【STEEL BEARING PULLEY】5cm diameter pulley, stainless steel material, stable and safe while training
【ANY ROTATION TRAINING IS MORE COMFORTABLE】the axis rotates 180° back and forth, and the pulley rotates 360° in all directions.
【THE TENSION ROPE IS THICKER AND LONGER】the rope is thicker, so that the rope is tighter and smoother in the pulley track groove, and durable
【APPLICABLE TO】upper limb rehabilitation, functional training, physical fitness, rehabilitation training, shoulder joint, traction training, hemiplegia, rehabilitation training, etc.

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