Schildeng Yoga Rod Sticks – Wooden Sticks Wooden Sticks Round Rods, Comfortable Body Stretching Tool for Martial Artists…

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Name: Yoga Stick
Weight(about): 50CM/19.69in (125g); 60CM/23.62in (150g); 70CM/27.56in (175g); 80 CM/31.50in (200g)
Color: burlywood
Size: about 50-80cm/19.69-31.50in
Material: beech and pine

Packing List: 
Yoga Stick * 1

Straight Stretching Tool: Comfortable touch and the log is whole cut, which is straight and not deformed.
Wide Functions: Shape the S-shaped slim waist, create a beautiful chest and reshape the charm body.
Comfortable Surface: Smooth surface without hurting hands, fine grinding without burrs, manual polishing process, comfortable and smooth touch.
Good Raw Materials: Good raw materials can make good products. The natural rod is safe and environment friendly, so you can use more assured.
Using Method: Put the stick inside and put the stick out to slowly tighten the head and keep the tight support. It is recommended to exercise for 30 minutes every day. You can open the shoulder to correct the hunchback, correct the front of the neck, correct the contracted waist, and shape the beautiful figure.

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