Ring Cushion, Memory Foam Cushion, Cushioned Decompression Hollow O-mat Suitable for Wheelchairs Car Seats Home or…

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<b>product description </b><br><br> color: blue Dimensions: 37.8 × 30.8 × 6.4 cm / 14.88 × 12.12 × 2.51 inches <br> <b>Material: memory cotton</b><br><br> Our premium donut cushions are made from the highest quality foam and, unlike other cushions, never become bumpy or flatten over time. <br> Do not clean the memory foam core, just place the core in a ventilated place without sunlight; store the mat in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. <br> Natural antibacterial and anti-nausea allergens, so you can sit down with peace of mind without having to worry about allergies. <br> The Memory Foam Round Ring reduces stress and helps people with a variety of pain conditions. <br> Ideal for patients with acne and acne, pain in the tailbone and post-Natal or post-surgical patients. The shape of the mat helps to distribute weight to the user to increase comfort and greatly reduce pain. Relatively lightweight, it is easy to transport from home to a car and office or workplace. <br> <b>Love Tip: </b><br><br> Due to the compression package, when you open the mat, it will be very flat and folded. Don’t worry, please gently tap the cushion, then place it for 2-12h, the cushion will return to its original shape.

♥High quality – made of the highest quality high-grade memory foam, durable, memory foam will not flatten
♥Versatile – anywhere you want comfort and comfort, such as offices, restaurants, living rooms, patios and even wheelchairs. Suitable for outdoor sports, truck drivers, pilots and travelers
♥Unique design – hollow design, breathable and dry, unique design to simulate the weight distribution and shape of the human body, helping to promote healthy blood circulation and posture and spinal arrangement
♥Washable and breathable – with a hollow design, breathable and dry, easy to disassemble, easy to clean with a sturdy zipper
♥Satisfied service – we want to help you reduce any discomfort when you sit down, but if for any reason we can’t support your 90-day 100% money back guarantee in the way you want

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