Project Zeus THE RESIST STICK – rubber therapy resistance bar to improve hand, grip, forearm strength and flexibility…

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It can be very frustrating when your hands prevent you from doing the things you want to do. Whether you lack flexibility and control, tendon pain keeps you from your day-to-day activities, or your forearm, wrist and grip strength simply isn’t strong enough to hit your goals: increasing your hands’ capabilities is very important.


People commonly resolve to settle with (rather than sort) the pain they suffer from, or underestimate the importance of strong hands, forearms and flexibility. Not us! With Project Zeus’ RESIST STICK, you’ll find a product designed with you in mind. Whether you: (i) are in therapy mode and looking to rehabilitate damaged tendons and relieve or prevent pain; (ii) want to increase grip and forearm strength; or (iii) want to increase your range of motion, THE RESIST STICK is the perfect exerciser for you.

THE RESIST STICK is a ridged rubber resistance bar used to improve grip and forearm strength and upper extremity stabilization by bending, twisting, or oscillation movement. The exercise we suggest (and include instructions for) has been research-proven to be effective for tennis elbow: offering a cost-effective treatment that requires no injection or expensive equipment. THE RESIST STICK can be used more generally to treat and prevent lateral epicondylitis, elbow tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis pain caused by repetitive motion.

THE RESIST STICK is available in three colour-coded progressive resistance levels: easy (yellow), medium (green) and heavy (red). Each bar is 31 cm long.

IMPORTANT: this set is not suitable for people with allergies to rubber. Note that being made of rubber means THE RESIST STICK will also smell of rubber and there may be some white residue on first opening that will wash off.

If you have any questions regarding the product, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What are you waiting for? Buy today!

REHABILITATION and STRENGTH – ideal for those suffering from elbow pain and looking to increase flexibility, strength and range of motion
CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS – the packaging contains detailed instructions explaining the ‘Tyler Twist’ exercise: an exercise clinically proven to reduce elbow pain and increase strength in tendons for tennis elbow patients
GREAT IMPROVED DESIGN – deeper ridged design is easy to grip, twist and bend for elbow, wrist, forearm, hand and finger rehabilitation and strengthening. You asked, we delivered
DURABLE – a portable, convenient and low cost exerciser made from durable natural rubber
RISK FREE 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – if you are not 100% satisfied, return this set for a full refund. We stand behind the quality of our products and know you will too

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