NRS Healthcare Comfort Grip Adjustable Crutches,Pair

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Size Name:Long

Product Description

Designed for people who are able to partially weight bear, these crutches have been developed using computer aided design and thermogram technology. The handle offers superior pressure distribution, making the crutches ideal for people with arthritis or painful hands. Both the cuff to handgrip and handgrip height can be independently adjusted to suit the user.

Please note that the handles of these crutches are contoured to a left and right handed shaped handle, so you get one of each to make the pair. Safety note: Cuffs add stability to the crutch, they are not designed to support the users weight. If worn too high eg. on the bend of the elbow, they are incorrectly adjusted and compromise the safety of the user and stability, integrity & support of the crutches.

How to measure the handgrip height you need:
1. Get a friend ready to measure you (if you measure yourself, you may lean sideways and get the wrong measurement!)
2. Wearing your normal shoes, stand facing forward with feet shoulder width apart.
3. With your arms held naturally at your sides, measure from the floor to your wristbone. This measurement is the one you need for the handle height of your crutch.

How to adjust the cuffs on your crutches:
The cuff should be adjusted to sit 2.5–5 cm (1–2“) below the bend of the elbow. The cuff should not be touching your elbow, or stop you bending or moving your elbow in any way.
The horseshoe cuff opening should be facing forward in the direction you are facing.

Long Size specification
Handgrip height adjustable between: 680-935 mm (26.5 – 36.5 inches)
Cuff to handgrip range: 200-275 mm (8 – 10.75″)
Weight: 715 g (1.5 lb) Each
Maximum user weight limit: 127 kg (20 st)

Box Contains

1 x Comfort Grip Adjustable Crutches, Pair – Long

Pair of crutches with adjustable handgrip height and cuff
Comfortable, contoured pressure distributing handles. Cuff diameter 9.5cm (3.75″)
Ideal for people with arthritis or grip problems
Suitable for users over 5ft 8″. Handle height adjustable 68-93.5cm (27-37”)
Please see full measurement details in description below to choose the right size

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