Mupoo Posture Corrector, Adjustable Shoulder & Back Brace Support for Women and Men – Improve Bad Posture, Shoulder…

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Are you used to sitting still and working hard while stooping?
Do you often have a soreness in the waist and a pain in the back, neck and shoulder numbness, which make you suffer a lot after work?
Have you received a lot of massages and physiotherapies, but your pain situation has not been obviously improved?
Maybe it’s all because you don’t pay attention to the health of the spine.

Leading medical experts believe that bad posture can harm the body and damage the health, so it is necessary to correct it in a right way, so as to eliminate the effects of bad posture on the human body. If you are looking for a natural way to improve your posture, or if you want to leave a healthy and confident impression on others. The Mupoo posture orthosis is perfectly suitable for you.

Use it frequently, the Mupoo posture orthosis can help:
1. Reduce the burden on your shoulders. Re-adjust the vertebrae to the appropriate position.
2. Relieve upper and lower back and neck pains, improve breathing.
3. Recover and strengthen muscle’s ability of activity.
4. Make you look confident and strong, and improve your body posture.

How does it work?
When using our product, it is recommended to take a rest after 20 to 30 minutes. After getting used to it, you can gradually increase the time to 1-2 hours. You may feel uncomfortable at the beginning because the body needs time to adapt to the adjustment and gradually stretch and strengthen the muscles and ligaments.

In order to improve product quality, we use high-quality and durable neoprene (100% latex-free) as raw material. It is recommended to clean the posture orthosis with cold or warm water before use for the first time and then ventilate it to remove a slight neoprene odor.

【Easy to adjust and use】 This posture orthosis is suitable for women, men and children with a chest size ranges from 29 to 47 inches. This back bracket has two adjustable hook and loop fasteners and a high-quality buckle that allow you to easily change the postures of orthosis and back, so that you can adjust it to fit your body like a backpack.
【More comfortable to wear】Ultra-thin skin-friendly fabric, breathable and elastic, not allergic, can be worn in an invisible way to avoid embarrassment. At the beginning of using our product, it is recommended to take a rest after 20 to 30 minutes of wearing each time. After getting used to it, you can gradually increase the time to 1-2 hours.
【Soft and breathable material】 The Mupoo posture orthosis is made of high-quality neoprene, with light weight and breathable mesh. The soft, sweat-resistant fabric will not squash your armpits or damage your skin, and is ergonomically designed to ensure comfort and reduce pain in the back while providing optimal support for your spine.
【Service guarantee】We offer a 30-day refund guarantee for the back-posture orthosis. If you have any size or product issues, please contact us directly so that we can provide you with a satisfactory solution.
【Improve your posture at anytime and anywhere】 The Mupoo posture orthosis helps the spine to return to the right position by pulling the shoulder back, keeping the back and spine upright, and improving the habitual hunchback, uneven shoulder height and other bad postures in a short time, which is also good for improving overall spine health. Whether you are staying at home for housework, working in the office or exercising outside, you can conduct back orthosis training in your own way.

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