Knee Pillow – Best for Lower Leg, Back, and Knee Pain – Memory Foam Contour Leg Pillow for sleeping on side

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This leg pillow is made out of a memory foam making it easy to hold a position that you are most comfortable in while sleeping.. The pillow is ideal for Men, Women and even children as the size allows the pillow to be used for multiple body types and height. The pillow offers extra comfort by applying pressure to your leg or knee in the right spots helping you in relief of back, leg, knee and hip pain. The pillow can be used as a recovery/orthopedic tool for persons who have undergone major or minor surgery helping them maintain comfortable positions without having to move around too much. The wedge in the pillow allows you to comfortably place your knee or leg while sleeping. You can even use the pillow as a protector between you and your partner (no-body likes to be kneed in the middle of the night).

Knee Pillow- 100% memory foam cushion. Memory foam holds shape and supports your joints.
Sleep Better – Ergonomically designed knee pillow fits comfortably between your knees and provides maximum support and comfort.
Contoured to fit the curves of your legs. For all body types and heights. L:25 x W:19 x H:14 cm
Recommened – Sleep on your side. Offers releif from back, hip and joint pain.
Ideal for people recovering from injury. or surgery. Sleep better with a pillow between their legs

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