Memory Foam Cushion Pain Relief Comfort Donut Ring Chair Seat Pillow for Pressure Relief of Haemorrhoids and Piles…

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Material: Foam + Fabric
Colour: Black, Grey
Size: approx. 40*32*7cm/ 15.75*12.6*2.76inch

Package included?
1* Chair Seat Cushion 

✔O-TYPE DESIGN: The hollow in the middle of the seat cushion is large, the ventilation is good, the pressure of the buttocks muscles is properly dissipated, the veins of the buttocks are prevented from being pressed, and the sciatica is relieved.
✔ERGONOMICS: This cushion is specially designed to protect the buttocks. Whether it is spinal pain or postpartum repair, the cushion can protect.
✔STRONG CORE: the inner core has special viscoelastic energy, and has a strong absorption of impact force to ensure a correct posture.
✔BREATHABLE MESH: 3D mesh cloth is used externally, which has good air permeability, good elasticity and mildew proof, convenient for washing, suitable for summer use.
✔USE CROWD: This cushion is suitable for white-collar workers in sedentary offices, long-sitting students at the desk, long-time driving crowd, pregnant women, caudal vertebrae pain, and patients with acne.

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