KMINA PRO – Crutches for Adults Men (x1 Unit, Left Unit), Forearm Crutches Adjustable, Crutches for Women Comfy Handles…

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♥AVOIDS PAIN IN HANDS AND WRISTS: Comfortable crutches with a forearm support system to distribute the weight between the forearm and the hand surface, releasing a large part of the load previously held by the hands and wrists.
♥ IMPROVES BODY POSTURE: The feeling of stability and balance increases because the crutches force you to walk upright, with your shoulders straight and your arms close to the trunk.
♥ REQUIRES LESS ENERGY FOR LONGER DISTANCES: They allow you to move faster than with conventional crutches. With a greater perimeter of the march the energetic cost is smaller.
♥ REDUCES SHOULDER PAIN: The load that the shoulders support is less aggressive since the cushioning makes the impact.
♥ INCREASES AUTONOMY: The flexible tape allows us to use our hands without removing our crutches, for example, opening a door or using the mobile phone. It can be placed on both sides of the crutch, but we recommend using the crutch with the opening of the tape to the outside for comfort and ease to remove and put on the crutch. Also this helps us differentiate between crutch left and right.

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