GFYWZ Lower Back Stretcher Massager with Heat Function,Electric Inflatable Back Stretcher Device,Back & Sciatica Pain…

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Automatic Lumbar Traction Device provides pain-relieving massage and heat therapy.

Others causes of chronic pain include:

Herniated or slipped discs
Cervical radiculopathy
Degenerative disc disease.
Facet joint dysfunction.
Compression fracture.
Sprains and strains
Ankylosing spondylitis

Here are five stretches to incorporate into your daily routine to alleviate back pain and maximize performance:

1.Trunk rotation stretch:This stretch helps improve mobility of the spine while relaxing the muscles on the sides of the trunk
2.Child’s pose:This stretch helps improve mobility of the spine while relaxing the muscles of the lower back
3.Cat-camel back stretch:his stretch helps maintain mobility of the spine while strengthening the back and abdominal muscles
4.Hip flexor stretch:Increased flexibility in hip flexors will help with decreased back pain in upright activitie

Product Name: Lumbar Spine Health Equipment
Rated voltage: 12V DC
Rated power: ≤24W
Rated current: ≤2A
Working time: 15 minutes
Product size: 40.5X21X9cm
6cm before inflation: 9cm after inflation
Packing size: 49X11X27cm
Packing list host, adaptor, manual, warranty card, booster board

* Design Principle: When the person is flat on the lumbar traction device, pushing the waist up and down with the gravity of the human body plus the inflation air pressure will help us to perform dynamic stretching exercises. You don’t need to move, the device will help you move and stretch your waist.
* Auxiliary Infrared Heating: The heating function provides a soothing and invigorating heat that delivers a warm and gentle massage. It will leave your muscles relaxed while getting rid of all aches and fatigue.
* Functions: main function dynamic back stretching device, auxiliary function: massage + auxiliary heat,If your main purpose is to buy a massager or hot moxibustion function, it is not recommended to buy our products, our products are mainly lumbar traction
* Additional Base Plate:The plate was designed to improve the user’s overall experience when operation the traction device on the soft surface,like soft bed ,couch or foam rubber cushion,When the device is laid on size A and B, the traction high end is not the same!
* Relieve back pain and pressure: Providing effective relief from lower back pain, Great for those suffering from lumbar degeneration, muscle strains or sprains as well as lumbar hyperosteogeny and sciatica.

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