Firstaid4sport Zinc Oxide Tape

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Product Description

The strong, non elastic cotton tape fabric is bleached and has a soft and supple feel. The tape has a computerised unwind design which means it comes off the roll very smoothly and it unwinds to the core. The Firstaid4sport Zinc Oxide is a very economical Zinc Oxide Tape with strong adhesion, serrated edge and easy unwind. The tape is 13.7m in length and available in the following widths:- 1.25cm, 2.5cm, 3.8cm and 5cm.

Zinc Oxide is used for the immobilisation of joints. The smooth unwind means it is very good where you need controlled application, for example when taping hands in professional boxing. The strength of the actual tape material of the Firstaid4sport Zinc Oxide is on average 43lbs per linear inch. This strapping tape will best stick on the first application to the skin so try not to handle it too much. To increase the adhesivness of any sticky tape, warm it up slightly and prepare the surface, with a pre tape spray, skin tuffner or adhesive spray and then give the tape a good rub to warm once applied, so the adhesive will have no reason not to last the distance.



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