Elemed Pacifier BD200 Soother Dispenser for administering liquids and medicinal products for children and infants…

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The only patented soother designed to give fluids and medicines to your child in complete safety. the only equipped with one-way valve that let air enter during the and prevents in an absolute manner the possibility of forming air bubbles that cause colic and ear infections. the syringe included in the packing allow mother to determine how much medicine your child has got. to help the assimilation of the medicine, mother can use syringe to add milk or other liquid without opening the cap. if your child does not get full quantity of medicine, mother can measure the amount ingested through the syringe and give the child the rest in another time. this device is the only product in the market with these characteristics, and the only designed to give medicines by natural suction. moreover it is the only soother registered at the italian ministry of health as a medical device for drug delivery.


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Patented soother to dispense medicines, pure silicone, hypoallergenic and easy to clean
The only device that prevents 100% the formation of air bubbles that cause colic and ear infections
It allows mother to measure the amount of medicine taken by the child
Used also in pediatric hospitals
It is a medical device registered at italian ministry of health

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