Electronic Acupuncture Pen,Wisolt Meridian Acupoint Energy Massager for Pain Relief and Healthcare

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Why Do You Need It?
When you go to work, sedentary, habitually fixed an action, you can easily feel back pain, hand fatigue and even cramps.
After work, you are already tired, do not want to exercise, but would like to relieve and relax your nerves. At this time, it: electronic acupuncture pain treatment pen, providing you with painless acupuncture stimulation, is definitely the most effective tool for family pain treatment.
Suitable for any group of people, old people, parents, etc., the best gift.

Painless acupuncture stimulation. No needle
Easily focus on the pain area
Relieve stress and relax

Size: 20cm x 3cm / 7.87″ x 1.18″ (about)

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to us. Belonging to Wisolt products, all problems will be guaranteed by after-sales.
Please read the user manual carefully before use.

The Package Includes:
1 x energy acupuncture pen
1 dome head
2 x gel
1 x English User Manual

Powerful and Effective – no need for acupuncture, combined with the great essence of modern biotechnology and traditional Chinese medicine, electronic acupuncture pen fully reflects the mystery of traditional Chinese medicine meridian acupuncture therapy, quickly achieve the best alleviation effect, safe and painless, will not stimulate your skin.
Targeted Features – 3 effects, 9 levels of intensity, (1): The dome is a surface treatment for health and facial beauty. (2): The node type is a node treatment suitable for partial body pain. (3): Spherical is a partial therapy suitable for rapid pain relief.
Easy to Use – Chinese medicine acupuncture is simple, only one AAA battery (without battery), equipped with a digital display, showing the intensity of the electrical pulse output (0 – weakest, 9 – strongest). Simply press the start button to increase or decrease the intensity of the electrical pulse.
Wide Range of Applications – Suitable for cervical, shoulder, waist, foot and other pain, can be used as adjunctive treatment of various diseases such as frozen shoulder, arthritis, neuromuscular pain, migraine.
Safety – Quickly achieve results, without any side effects, avoiding many complicated steps, mini size, ready to use, easy to put into the bag, is also a most sincere gift, caring for the health of people around you, to solve more distress.

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