Donjoy Reaction Web Arthritis Knee Brace – Lateral Hinged Knee Support

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Developed by a orthopedic surgeon, the Reaction Web Knee brace has a specially formed hinged web design works with the movement of the knee to absorb and disperse the weight and energy put on a arthritic knee. It takes the strain out of the movement leaving your knee with reduced pain and feeling more comfortable

Size Guide: (Measure 15cm/6″ above the knee)
XS 33cm – 39cm (13″ – 15.5″)
S 39-47cm (15.5-18.5″)
M 47- 53cm (18.5″ – 21″)
L 53-60cm (21″ – 23.5″)
XL 60- 67cm (23.5″ – 26.5″)
XXL 67-75cm (26.5-29.5″)
XXXL 75-81cm (29.5-32″)

Donjoy are specialised in providing orthorpedic devices that prevent injury, rehabilitate muscles and joints and treat pain. By collaborating with leading medical experts, Donjoy products work with your body to offer the very best in sports injury healing.

Provides joint pain relief from early onset of osteoarthritis and general knee pain
Features patented Silicon web design and supportive pads to reduce load on the knee joint
Ideal for everyday use and light activities. Fits comfortably under clothing
Supplied with compression sleeve for extra muscle support
For right leg. Check product description for size guide.

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