Donjoy Hinged Patella Knee Brace – Wrap Around Arthritis Knee Support

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The Donjoy Tru-Pull Lite knee support pulls the patella into it’s natural position and prevents it from moving to promote healing and relieve pain. The removable hinges offer further support along the medial and lateral sides of the knee joint and the wrap around alignment straps make sure that the knee is stablised and comfortably supported.

Size Guide: (Measure around the kneecap and 15cm/6″ above and below the kneecap)
X Small 30-33cm/12-13″ Kneecap – 33-34cm/13-13.5″ Thigh – 25-30cm/10-12″ Calf
Small 33-35cm/13-14″ Kneecap – 39-47cm/15.5-18.5″ Thigh – 30-35cm/12-14″ Calf
Medium 35-38cm/14-15″ Kneecap – 47-53cm/18.5-21″ Thigh – 35-40cm/14-16″ Calf
Large 38-43cm/15-17″ Kneecap – 53-59cm/21-23.5″ Thigh – 40-45cm/16-18″ Calf
X Large 43-48cm/17-19″ Kneecap – 60-67cm/23.5-26.5″ Thigh – 45-50cm/18-20″ Calf
XX Large 48-53cm/19-21″ Kneecap – 67-75cm/26.5-29.5″ Thigh – 50-56cm/20-22″ Calf
XXX Large 53-58cm/21-23″ Kneecap – 75-81cm/29.5-32″ Thigh – 56-61cm/22-24″ Calf

Donjoy are specialised in providing orthorpedic devices that prevent injury, rehabilitate muscles and joints and treat pain. By collaborating with leading medical experts, Donjoy products work with your body to offer the very best in sports injury healing.

Provides firm support for dislocation of the knee, mild arthritis and general weakness of the kneecap
Features soft silicon support pad, alignment straps and removable hinge
Pulls the patella into correct position. Ideal for all types of sport activity including running, weights training and skiing
Made with breathable, hypoallergenic anti-microbial fabric and with nylon hinge
Choose left or right leg. Check product description for size guide

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