DOACT Finger Splint Support with Wrist Brace, Adjustable Trigger Finger Straightener for Index, Pinky, Ring, Middle…

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❤Protect your finger and help recover – With the built-in aluminum strip, middle finger extension splint for man and woman provide hard protection for your finger. Help you straighten out rheumatoid arthritis fingers or recover from tendons slipping off.
❤Adjustable size and fits your hand – Finger corrector is made of durable material and adjustable.
❤Design for these persons – Those who suffer from finger injuries, broken fingers, ligament injuries. Finger splint can be used with some essential oils, thumb & wrist brace, hand braces, etc.

The trigger finger is the symptom of triggering or snapping of the finger. Trigger finger is a common problem that causes pain and snapping of the tendons in the finger or thumb. This occurs when relaxing a clenched finger or fist, the affected trigger finger remains flexed. When enough force has been gathered, the trigger finger will suddenly snap into an extended position, just like pulling a trigger on a gun.

How to deal with trigger finger with finger splint naturally?
The combination of moist heat, trigger finger splint, massage, and exercise is both safe and relatively simple natural solutions for trigger finger or trigger thumb non-surgical.

Here our product can do these for you:
– The elastic ring and one extra detachable Hook & Loop tape, fitting all the fingers or thumb.
– Ideal for use on finger stiffness, osteoarthritis, stenosing tenosynovitis pain, clicking & popping.
– prevent your finger & thumb from catching or locking, especially accelerating recovery to the trigger finger and trigger thumb region after post-surgery or post-removal of casting.

Material: nylon & neoprene.
Package Included: 1x splint.
Color: black

Please try to avoid a repeated movement or forceful use of the finger or thumb.

SUPPORT AND PROTECTION FOR THE FINGERS – Use the splint with the built-in aluminum strip for finger triggering to extend the fingers to reduce stiffness and prevent the joint of the finger from locking or getting caught with upper support. Also useful for alleviating stenosed tenosynovitis, triggering fingers, adequately supporting fractures, sprains, post, and pre-surgery
TRIGGER FINGER PAIN RELIEF – Dislocated finger splint works as a straighten brace, and has great effect in supporting the finger to reduce stiffness. Ideal for use on finger stiffness, arthritis, sprained knuckles, etc. Helped alleviating the locking, popping, bending, swelling, soreness and stiffness
SUITABLE FOR DIFFERENT FINGERS – This do-it-yourself kit with a snap splint is designed to be worn on most fingertips (index, middle, ring or little finger or thumb) on both hands with four different methods. Use the complete trigger splint for upper support; Use the universal trigger stick for moderate support
BREATHABLE MATERIAL FOR ALL-DAY COMFORT – The mallet finger splint is made of lightweight air-permeable neoprene, which is more conducive to breathability, and covered with elastic nylon and cotton fabrics to resist the skin without causing sweat to adhere to the skin. Give your fingers a good recovery environment. Comfortable to wear for long periods of time
CAN BE USED FOR DAILY LIFE AND WORK – This finger trigger brace can be worn while you sleep or at night, while typing, driving, small size, and lightweight, is ideal for transport, promoting healing and reducing pain

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