Bionix Foam Roller 2 in 1 Set – Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Ball and Soft Tissue Roll With Carry Case Kit Trigger Point…

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If you are yet to experience the benefits of foam rolling, then you are in for a treat. The fairly simple exercise has been shown to improve performance and flexibility, reduce the recovery period and decrease muscle soreness after working out. It also works to boost circulation, strengthen and tone the skin and iron out all the knots in your muscles. It is the perfect partner to an intense exercise regime.


Our 3-in-1 foam roller set ensures no part of your body needs to remain knotted and tired. The set includes:

Trigger point foam roller: Intended to reach those tricky trigger points within the body, this gives the deepest and most satisfying massage. It feels particularly good when used in the shoulder area, since this is where many people hold their tension, and so can be beneficial when used after a long day at work.

Soft foam roller: This is a great all-purpose roller that can help provide relief to all parts of the body. This is particularly good for relieving back pain and for general stretching.

Massage ball: Ideal for working the pressure out of tired, aching feet, the massage ball is great for using after long-distance running, or even just at the end of the day when you have been on your feet for a long period of time.

The set comes inside a convenient carry bag that ensures you can keep it stored tidily and take it with you for use at the gym if required.


Foam rolling is easy – simply lie on the floor and place the foam roller underneath where you need to feel relief. Then roll backwards and forwards for a few minutes. You should feel your muscles start to relax and loosen as you do so. With the massage ball, you can sit in a comfortable chair and roll it around under your foot for the same benefit.

Join in the rolling revolution!

Foam roller set can help to loosen and relieve tired muscles, sometimes a cool-down stretch isn’t enough and the foam roller can really help prevent aching and injury caused by a hard work-out
Foam roller will provide the same benefits as a sports massage and can help ease the pain of shin splints and inflammation while also loosening knots
Cellulite Buster – Pesky deposits of fat at the tops of your thighs are something every woman dreads, using a foam roller can help break up the cellulite for dimple-free skin
Use the trigger point roller to get right into the deepest muscles in body, while the soft roller makes for a truly relaxing stretch, massage ball is ideal for getting to the smaller parts of your body, such as the balls of feet

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