AOLIKES Thumb Splint Trigger Finger Support Wrist Brace Strap for Carpal Tunnel Arthritis Tendonitis Sprain Strain NHS

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AOLIKES Thumb Wrist Metal Splints Brace Support
Difference design for right and left hand for easy closure.
Removal metal splints with velcro closure reduce mobility without
Wrist velcro with buckle stable the wrist without prevent the blood circulation.

Medical Application
BlackBerry Thumb
Ligament instability
Thumb strains and sprains
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Repetitive Stress Injury
Rheumatoid arthritis
Osteoarthritis (arthritis of the joints)
Post-surgery or post-removal of casting

Product Specification
Color: Black
Material: 62% SBR and 38% OK cloth.
Hand wash and Air Dry

Size Detail
Thumb Brace: 12.5cm
Wrist Brace: 20cm
Wrist Velcro: 14cm

1. The product is made of SBR, there is some smell which will fade after serveral wash.
2. Please consult doctor if there is any discomfortable and doubt.

Package Including
1 x thumb wrist splints support

Ideal for relieving occupational pain from carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and repetitive stress injury (RSI), recovery from painful sports-related thumb & wrist strains, or post-surgery and post-cast rehabilitation.
Metal splint limite thumb & wrist motion and allow the joints and muscle to heal and recover naturally.
Wrist velcro with buckle meet adjustable demand and limit wrist motion as required without affecting finger movement.
Light-weight design allows normal finger movement and minor flexing at the thumb tip for standard tasks such as typing, driving, and cooking
One size for wrist circumference up to 10″ and thumb circumference up to 3.5″.

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