Angzhili Pill Box 7 Days with Pill Cutter,Portable Pill Container Clamshell & Spinning Open Design Storage Splitters Box…

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Material: PP (polypropylene)
Pill Box Size: Diameter: 9 cm Height: 2.1 cm
Pill Cutter Size: Length:3.8 inch Width:. 1.8 inch Height:1 inch
Pill Box Color: Blue, Green, Purple
Pill Cutte Color: Blue
Package Include:
1 Pc Pill Box 7 Days
1 Pc Pill Cutter
1. Keep the medicine pill case away from direct sunlight and heat and humidity.
2. Do not heat in a dish dryer or microwave oven.
3. Do not wash with abrasive sponge, cleanser or thinner.
As well as medicine, you can sort and store accessories, small items.
Easy to use,Transparent and visible ,there are seven partitions inside, it is transparent visible and the contents are easy to check.
If you press the white button in the middle, the partitions will rotate one by one, with little effort, and it is easy to take out things.
The lid is tightly closed with a click, making it hard to spill out if dropped on the floor.
Cutter/splitter will work without difficulty:
1) Align the small oval pills horizontally within the pill guide edge (triangle). Do not push the tablets, otherwise the sides of the guide will bend and move your tablets. Put it directly in.
2) Then without bumping the splitter, gently close the top and snap it shut. Your pills will be divided equally. If you have a score line on the pill, use it as a guide to straighten your pill. If you pull the pill vertically, it will still be cut, but because it is oval, it is more likely to break.
3) To open the box, it easier to firmly hold each side near the base of the opening and then pull the top open. Opened easier that way then holding further down.
4) When you put the tablets upside down, the tablet clip machine sometimes falls out, so you can remove the dust from the cut tablets, then you need to find the small part and put it back into the cutter.

【Safe and hygiene】PP (polypropylene) 100% safe material adopted, safe non-toxic. tasteless and durable,The perfect design, that can prevent the pills from damp, and keep the medicine hygienic.
【Perfect match】Pill box match pill splitter ,This pill splitter will work on vey small oval pills and it’s definitely safer than using a knife, but it doesn’t suit for cutting aspirin in half because the textural quality of aspirins.
【Easy to use 】 Press the button to take it out easily. As the upper lid opens, it is easy to put things.Translucent design,the contents clearly visible
【Multi-function】 In addition to medicines, Jewelry, accessories such as fishing tackles and screws can also be used. The portability is good and Pill cutter is perfect for someone need to have the ability to cut pills on the go and in public.
【Easy to carry】Small size, regular medicine, supplements, etc. are stored compactly, and it is convenient to carry around for commuting to school, departure from work, business trip, etc.

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