Amazi Trekking Poles- 2pcs/set, Telescopic Aluminium Hiking Poles, Length Adjustable Trekking Poles with Antishock Quick…

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These Trekking Poles are made of the premium aerospace aluminium 7075 and owning excellent kinematic function and convenient features, will provide you with a load of support, help you keep stability, relieve pressure, make your adventure more enjoyable and comfortable. It is an essential kit for your outdoor activities.

How to connect the trekking poles:

First open the lock (part 1), pull out the scale part (part 2) and lock it.

There are 2 connecting grooves between the three parts (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) behind the trekking pole, connect them well

Pull out (Part 3), the metal button appears, as shown in the figure 3 , to complete the operation.
(In the process of pulling out, more force is needed)

When performing step 3, be sure that a metal button appears at the place, otherwise the trekking pole will not stay stiff.

When disassembling, please press the metal button to retract it (Part 3), and then remove the other parts.

If you don’t understand the installation steps above, you can refer to the installation videos of other folding trekking pole vendors.

Name: Trekking Pole
Colour: Black
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Weight:250g per pole
Rubber tip: For usual ground.
Boot tip: For usual ground and hard road, especially Nordic walking.
Mud & Sand basket: For muddy and sand track.
Snow basket: For snow track.
Tungsten steel tip: For rocky road.
Package Included:
Trekking pole X 2
Rubber tip X 2
Boot tip X 2
Mud & Sand basket X 2
Snow basket X 2
Carry bag X 1

High-quality Material :The trekking pole is made of aerospace-grade aluminium alloy, which is lightweight, sturdy and widely used in various extreme environments. The trekking poles can function well in rough terrains, support heavyweights, offset the constant impact, and do some emergency rescues.
Excellent Kinematic Function : Through its built-in shock absorption system, the trekking pole can lower the strain on ankles, legs, knee joints, thighs and hip caused by instant walking and climbing. At the same time, it helps you keep stability on the rough terrains.
Prompt:During installation, when you pull out the 3rd part of the trekking pole, you must pull out the metal button (this process may require more force), otherwise it will not stay stiff. You can install it in step 3 of the picture, or in the product description below.
Compact and Convenient: With a quick-lock flap and collapsible design, the pole length is adjustable. You can adjust the using length from 110cm to 135cm to fit different human length, and fold them up to 36cm for storage.
Universal Application: Equipped with rubber tip, rubber boost, snow basket, mud basket and tungsten steel tip, these trekking poles fit for all kinds of terrains and seasons. No matter you are on snow track, mud track, hard road or exploring in the forest, with these trekking poles, you will get the best protection, reduce strain and enjoy your adventure.

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