Adult Leg Waterproof Cast & Dressing Cover | Protector | Also for Bandages & Plasters | Protection During Shower & Bath…

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Size Name:Small – Medium


It is very important that you purchase the correct size. To do this:

1. Measure around the lower thigh, past the knee where you will wear the cast cover

2. Measure around the widest part of your plaster cast, bandage or splint

Using the above 2 measurements, please match which size you best fit into:

[Small – Medium] is suitable for limb circumference 28-45cm

[Large – Extra Large] is suitable for circumference 45-64cm

For further information refer to picture 2, and if you are still unsure please contact us via Amazon for assistance before you buy!



STEP 1 – Hold the outer plastic ring and stretch silicone diaphragm outwards – see image

STEP 2 – Place the hand inside the cast cover- see image

STEP 3 – Once the hand is in, whilst still holding silicone diaphragm stretched, pull the cover all the way up the arm until it goes no further – see image

STEP 4 – Griping the plastic ring, gently pull down, the silicone seal will remain snugly in contact with the skin- see image

STEP 5 – To remove simply pull down cover using the outer plastic ring

STEP 6 – Please take care when removing as pulling at the vinyl can result in the product tearing

STEP 7 – It is recommended that the product is allowed to dry naturally after use – place on shower rail and allow to drip dry


Please kindly note:

Designed for SINGLE PERSON use

Latex free

Please ensure you take care while attempting to grip items whilst wearing this product as they can slip out

NOT suitable for undressed or open wounds

NOT suitable for boot cast of any sort

✅ ADULT LEG COVER – Measuring 78cm long and 35cm at the base, most casts and bandages will comfortably fit inside – Please ensure you measure your cast before ordering to avoid disappointment
✅ WATERTIGHT – Lets you keep your dressing, bandage or cast completely dry while bathing or showering – giving you peace of mind
✅ UNIVERSAL DESIGN – Allows this product to be used by men, women, tall or short. Can be used on the right or left foot. Cover leg to protect toe, foot, ankle, calf and knee injuries!
✅ EASY TO USE – Literally just a case of slipping the protector over the foot and pulling up to produce a watertight seal – can even be done one handed! Designed to last for many uses so you can be rest assured that it will outlast the time it takes for you to recover from your injury!
✅ AVAILABLE IN 2 SIZES – [Small – Medium] and [Large – Extra Large] Please refer to picture 2 which shows how to measure for your size

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