10 Pack Gel Big Toe Separator and Bunion Protectors DYKOOK Gel Bunion Pads & Bunion Corrector Toe Straightener Spreads…

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Legal Disclaimer

Color: white
Packages: 10pcs bunion corrector toe separators
Material: SEBS is saturated SBS with good stability, aging resistance, heat resistance, high elasticity and no deformation under compression.
Design: Separate toe design, separate toes, side protect ,help to correct many kinds of foot issues.

1. What is bunions:
Bunions means that the big phalanx and the first metatarsal are inclined more than 15 degrees .
2. What causes bunions?
1).Wearing stilettos,pumps, platform,flats, Sky-high heels frequently.
2). Abnormal foot structure, people with flat feet, hallux pronare easier to develop hallux valgus.
3).Hallux valgus caused by some diseases or trauma.

3. Stages of Bunions:
1). Reversible stage: within 10° of valgus joints, no obvious discomfort;
2). Spasticity stage: 10-20° of valgus joints, ligaments with looseness, pressed between big toe and the 2nd toe;
3). Positive weight stage: 20-40° of valgus, overlapping toes, widened sole, and protruding big toe.
4). Deformity stage: valgus over 40 °, hallux valgus is severe, it hurts to walk with shoes.

4. If you suffer from foot pain of bunions?
DYKOOK bunion corrector and bunion relief helps you relieve bunion pain by scientifically protecting big toe from shoe pressure.
1. Toe separator is soft and durable, protect side foot bones, the width of the 0.76 inch spacer
separate big toe and second toe.
2. Toe spacers can alleviate the issues of bunion , overlapping toes, protruding toe bones effectively .
3. bunion cushions and bunion protectos prevent blister,corn,callues issues.

1. People with skin allergies, do not use.
2. If there are unknown objects on your feet, please do not use.
3.If the skin on the feet is bleeding/ulcerated, please do not use.

Immediately spreads Big Toe – Put on this large spacer ring gel big toe separator,and then immediately spreads the big toe away from the 2nd toe.The toe spacer is 0.67 inch and 0.9inch spacer ring prevents the big toe from being strangled ,it stretch well so fit any size toes.
Straightens Toe Up Straight Away – DYKOOK gel bunion shield main function stay separate big toe and 2nd toe whilst you are wearing them and keeps bunion toe bones in the correct position for a period of time correcting the foot joints back to normal level.Then straighten and realign overlapping toe,cross toes,hallux valgus and bunions three months after.
Protect Bunion from Rubbing & Redused Bunion Pain – Gel bunion cover works well to help ease pain .It making walking easier and protect the bunion from rubbing on shoes.
Nice to Wear – These bunion correctors extremely soft and easy to apply,wearing this bunion toe separator pads afte put on shoes, footwear keeps it comfortably in place. Wearing all day or night as they could stay in place.
Reusable & Easy to Use – Silicone toe separators bunion made from skin friendly silicone and are washable and reusable.and this bunion pads comfortable and relieve pressure from toes and bunion rubbing against the shoes and causing pain.Our packags is a pack of 5 pairs big toe spreader cushion.

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